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Sun 25th June



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THE MAJESTIC.... was the creation of Faada Ras in the early eighties. Faada had been DJing for Sound System Imperial I, and decided to create a band to cultivate his singing prowess. Faada being an accomplished drummer set off looking for a bassist and found him in the form of Tony Alli, who had been playing bass for a local reggae band. The two would rehearse in Faada's flat, a few drummers later, a keyboard player, guitarists and percussionist and Majestic hit the road.


Majestic were building a reputation of being a powerful, very visual roots rock reggae band, playing their first show supporting one of the biggest psychedelic rock bands in Here & Now. Supporting other reggae artists such as Aswad, Misty in Roots and Mighty Diamonds to name a few, brought them to forefront. One of the bands many highlights of this era was the legendary Stonehenge Festival in 1983, sharing the stage with acts such as Hawkwind in front of over 60,000 festival dwellers.


Faada teamed up with Tony again in 2005, and with some hired help started touring under a new name, but they didn't feel the old vibes or the new name leading Faada to go back to his studio, working on various projects with known and unknown artists and Tony playing in various bands. In 2010 after a chance meeting with the renowned Jimmy Page an instant bond was formed, this got his musical pulse racing again. Through Jimmy came the seasoned pro Russell Raisey, upon finding a classy new drummer in Sam Ferrara and Tony only a phone call away the latest incarnation of THE MAJESTIC was born. With over 30 shows and festivals in their first 8 months, Majestic are also adding hardest working to their list of superlatives, currently working on a new album while continuing to thrill audiences with their brand of Roots Rock Reggae.

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